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Our International Network

Working with us means fully benefitting from our local expertise as well as from our wide ranged international relationships.

We meet your needs

We are your reliable and innovative partner for a full portfolio of services. Our portfolio of services:

  • International payment services - Payments in many different currencies
  • Letters of credit for export (confirmed/unconfirmed) and import transactions
  • Documentary collections for export and import transactions
  • Establishing guarantees and Stand-By Letters of Credit by mail or SWIFT
  • Advising of Guarantees and Stand-By Letters of credit
  • Trade finance business, international financing
  • LeasingFx/Swaps/Derivates/Commodities
Country Desk

S-CountryDesk means support at target locations from select banks and advisory companies throughout the world.

Sparkasse Dortmund is shareholder of S-CountryDesk GmbH. Other shareholders are several large German savings banks, all of the Landesbanks, Deutsche Leasing AG and Deutsche Factoring Bank.

S-CountryDesk cooperates with banks and service providers with strong market positions in more than 100 countries.

S-CountryDesk is a relationship-focused organisation to serve our corporate customers globally and to serve customers from abroad in Germany.

Examples of our range of services:

  • Up-to-date country information
  • Worldwide account opening
  • International financing solutions
  • Leasing offers regarding vendor and investment leasing
  • Via German Centres finished office space for straight-forward entry into emerging markets

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Annual Report 2014 

The Savings Banks Finance Group

The close cooperation of the partners in the Savings Banks Finance Group enables savings banks to combine intensive local support with assistance in international markets.

The Savings Banks Finance Group is made up of legally and financially independent Savings Banks, Landesbanken and associated companies which employ altogether approx. 345.000 (2011) people.

Its success on the market can be attributed to the combination of great scale with a decentralised, task-oriented structure – as evidenced by around 20.400 branches and offices of the savings banks, Landesbanken, Landesbausparkassen, public insurance companies and other associated partners throughout Germany.

The market share of the Savings Banks Finance Group in credits granted to corporates amounts to approx. 42,6 % (2011).

The European Savings Banks Group and the World Savings Banks Institute establish a consolidated institutional framework for international business cooperation.

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